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Rubber Mixer manufacturers

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This machine is used for plasticating and mixing of natrual rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastic, EVA foaming plastic material etc.

Technical Data:

Item ModelX(S)N-10X32X(S)N-20X34X(S)N-35X30X(S)N-55X30X(S)N-75X30X(S)N-110X30
Total volume of mixing chamberL254575125175250
Working volume of mixing chamberL1020355575110
Main motor powerKw22225575110185
Overturn motor powerKw1.
Overturn angle
Rotate speed of rotorr/min32/2534/2830/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.5
Pressure of compressine  airMpa0.5-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Pressure of cooling waterMpa0.2-0.40.2-0.40.2-0.40.2-0.40.2-0.40.2-0.4
Pressure of heating steamMpa0.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.8
Overall sizemm2640x1650x23503100x1300x24503200x1900x29453300x1900x29003760x2143x31354075x2712x3580
Gross weightKg~3300~4500~6500~7800~10230~14970

Rubber Mixer manufacturers

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