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Vulcanizing Machine suppliers

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Conveyor belt vulcanizing machine
Conveyor belt vulcanizing machine (or vulcanizing press, hot vulcanizer machine) are special equipments for belt joint in conveyer machine field. The machine is made by light aluminum alloy materials, and with small bulk, light weight, ordinary three-phase current power supply, temperature uniformity of heating plate, uniform pressure ( 0~1.8Mpa) of water supply system. It is equipped with light Electronic Control Cabinet, which is connected with mainframe by integrative plug-in and multi-core cable. It's reliable and convenient to operate. At the same time, it has the merits of fast warming, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, etc. It is an ideal belt joint equipment for rubber conveyor belt in the conveyor machine field.
The quality of the belt joint will influence the working efficiency and service life of belts directly, especially for the long distance and high-strength conveyer belts. Therefore, CGLHJ vulcanizer is the necessary auxiliary equipment for belt conveyer. Vulcanizing Machine suppliers

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