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Customized Multi Cooker

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Matters needing attention
1. Don't connect the power plug of the rice cooker to the electric socket of lamp or lamp. Because the electric wire of general desk lamp is thinner, the carrying capacity is small, and easy ageing, or encounter heat melt. The power of electric rice cooker is large, and the current is large, which can cause the lamp line to be hot, and the wire skin melts, causing electric shock or fire and other accidents.
2. Avoid bumping. The inside of the electric rice cooker is easy to deform after being touched, and the bottom and the electric heating plate can not be very good when the inside of the tank is deformed. When cooking, the heat is not equal to the heat, so it is easy to boil the rice, so it should be handled with light when used.
3. The inner pot shell and the electric heating plate should not be immersed in water. The electric components should be installed in the lower part of the pot, and can only be cleaned with dry cloth after the power supply is cut off. After the inner pot is washed, the water in the bottom of the pot should be dried with cloth.
Electric multi function cooker
Product introduction
Electric multi function cooker
Product Feature
Electric multi function cooker
Product Picture
Electric multi function cooker
Electric multi function cooker
There is an electronic anti-overflow system, prevent the strong fire cooking soup, pasta or porridge from overflowing.
2.No cooking fume
Reliable temperature measurements system, are installed at bottom of the cooker, realizing three-dimensional temperature measurement and control. Effectively prevent the cooking fume, keep the kitchen clean and fresh.
Intelligent anti-sticky techniques can achieve rapid heat and temperature reverse and adjustment on the bottom of the cooker, no matter add less water or no water, it can timely automatically stop cooking, effectively prevent sticky.
Inventor-Zhipeng Lin
Electric multi function cooker
Customized Multi Cooker

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