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No More Mistakes With Simply Passionate About Bettas

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super blue bettas are tropical fish and has to be kept in heated tanks. Water temperature ought to be monitored having a submersible thermometer (thermometers that stick around the side from the tank are certainly not accurate enough).

visit this websiteIndian almond leaf (IAL) or blackwater extract (BWE) may also be helpful in the prevention of difficulties with bettas, and mimic the betta's natural habitat. It provides a mild antiseptic, lowers the pH, and has beneficial tannins.

Even if you choose to not aerate your tank, it is really a good idea with an air pump with tubing and airstone available to create a bubbler to your betta during times of illness.

If where you will filter your tank, you should cycle the tank also. Unless you cycle the tank, you must still do 100% changes just like often and wash the tank each change, even using a filter. Fishless cycling is required if at all possible, as it is kindest on the fish and safest.

Most betta keepers house their bettas in unfiltered tanks, lacking an aerator or bubbler, and change 100% from the water often, and wash the tank and decor whenever. This is an acceptable and easy way of keeping your betta. This care sheet assumes your tank is uncycled.

Bettas are a dark water fish and don't like light. The water that bettas come from within the wild is heavily shaded, as well as stained a dark color by leaves falling into it. It is best to only use a fish tank light when observing your betta, leave it off most in the day. Bettas definitely need lights off in the evening, much like people and other animals.

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