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Diatomaceous soap Pad

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Main material  diatomite, paper fibers
Size Round (diameter 10cm), rectangular (length 11cm, width 7.5cm), square (side length 10cm)
Function Adsorption force, antibacterial, super water-absorbent
Color  pink, blue, green, gray
thicknessFlower pattern(Thickness 9 mm), circular (thickness 9 mm), rectangular (thickness 9 mm), square (side length 10 cm)
RemarksLayout pattern can be customized, can be printed
Deodorant Diatomite soap tray Multi-stomatal, easy to adjust
Water into water vapor, through the indoor temperature and air flow, distributed in the environment, moisturizing regulation
Anti-mildew dehumidification, inhibition of bacteria, formaldehyde
Diatomaceous earth contains some weak alkaline substances, is not conducive to the growth of bacteria.

Product Usage:
Bathroom fast water absorption / sterilization / anti-skid / wall decoration / adjust the indoor humidity

.100% brand new and high quality.
.Products using natural diatomite materials
.Features: strong water absorption, deodorant, clean, green
.Products apply to: hotel, home kitchen bathroom wash basin and so on
.The products are handmade, naturally air-dried, and retain the properties of diatomaceous earth
.Note:Do not place the essential oil soap on the soap dish,so as not to cause soap dish was stained with essential oil soap color;  This product does not include soap
Maintenance recommendations: When the water absorption has declined, Wash the soap dish with an appropriate amount of white vinegar, and then placed in a ventilated air and then use, it is recommended to keep clean once a week

Diatomaceous soap Pad

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