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Dioctyl terephthalate manufacturers

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EO CHEMICALS is a manufacturer and supplier for high end fine chemical products, aiming to offer systematic products resources and technical service to global technical business and industrial clients.
EO CHEMICALS owns a development and production base with area of 2000 square meters, and a large logistics warehousing center. Relying on a creative professional team, it keeps launching new technologies and products. Currently, its product category has exceeded 2000, which is still increasing. The products include solvents, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and related chemical products. The production line of EO CHEMICALS can produce lots of diversified products rapidly, which could meet the needs for lab research, pre-production and even large-scale production.
We export products to USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Germany, India, South Africa, Malta, Egypt, Armenia, Australia, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina ect.
Adhering to the “credibility first, profit least” business philosophy, it aims to establish mutual benefit and long-term cooperation with clients in fields of chemistry, medicine, analysis, food, energy, material etc. At present we have a wide range of solvents´╝îmedical intermediate and industrial chemical products with highest standards in line with the global market to meet the needs of the factory production.Dioctyl terephthalate manufacturers

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