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buy Pellet Line Accessory Equipment

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Product introduction
Horizontal pellet cooler is also called small pellet cooler or pellet sieving and cooling machine, it is can sieve the pellets and cooling down the pellets at the same time in small quantity. This pellet cooler is suitable for cooling biomass fuel pellets and feed pellets for small pellet line.
The machine is made up of gearbox and motor, screen, blower and dust collector, pellets come into drum screen from the inlet, during the screen rotating, the pellets will be sieved, the good pellets will go to outlet chute and discharged, the dust will go to dust collector by attraction of blower. At the same time the blower extract the hot air from the pellets to cooling down the pellets.
Horizontal pellet cooler inner structure
Product technical data
ModelCapacityMotor powerDimensionWeight
HLQ50400-500kg/h3Kw2100x750x1120mm250Kgbuy Pellet Line Accessory Equipment

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