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Star Trek: Fleet Command beams as much as iphone as well as Android on November 29

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Mobile game publisher Scopely claimed it will certainly release the free-to-play Star Trek: Fleet Command Star Trek Fleet Command Latinum on iOS as well as Android on November 29.

Under license from CBS Interactive, the video game is a multiplayer real-time approach and role-playing game that uses personalities and ships from the rebooted Star Trek films (which started in 2009).

Star Trek: Fleet Command is the initial free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience on smart phones to combine RPG-style development as well as real-time battles with opponent ships. The method video game additionally has a narrative story that will certainly take gamers across the galaxy.

rk with CBS Interactive on such legendary IP and also believe we've designed a large, dynamic, as well as very social Star Trek experience for both method and also role-play gaming followers," stated Tim O'Brien, chief profits police officer at Scopely, in a declaration. "We wanted to create a cinematic, Star Trek Fleet Command Latinum action-packed, genre-defying game that welcomes the heart of the franchise business-- expedition, to allow gamers to experience a whole galaxy of missions as well as missions for countless adventure. If you have any inquiries concerning where and the best ways to make use of Star Trek Fleet Command Latinum, you can contact us at our internet site. "

In Star Trek: Fleet Command, players tailor their gameplay experience as narrative courses branch as well as deviate relying on which of the hundreds of offered missions they select to complete and exactly how they come close to communications with other deep-space denizens.

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